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I love girls Underwear
I'm a 14 year old boy and I love girls underwear. In school, when girls where jeans and bend over to write you can see the top of their panties, I'm always staring at them. I also stare at their bra straps. Sometimes when at home I wear my mom's panties. She wears Vanity Fair, Lille of France and Vicortia's Secret. I also wear her bras and sometimes I even put a kotex pad in the underwear. No one knows about this except for me. I don't know why I like it, but I do. Does any one have any comments?
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Melissa View Profile 03-May-08
FREAK!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grant View Profile 13-Apr-08
ok i dont mind you wearing panties but you should buy your won because your mom will get really really mad if she finds you in them, and the pad thing is really really wierd
bananas 08-Nov-02
I think lookin at a girls panties or bra is perfectly normal, and that just about any guy could admit to that as well. But the fact that you like sticking pads down your pants is just plain strange.
Robbie 04-Oct-02
Dude, I must agree with everyone else. That's some messed up sh*t! Granted this is America, but
look at it this way. God put you on this planet to be a man. You are stuck that way til the day you die.
Deal with it! No matter what you wear, or what you do to simulate it, you will always be a man/boy.
You need to talk with your mom before you get yourself too confused you might end up doing something stupid.
Girls panties look great on girls that's a definite turn on. On boys/men they just don't work. That's why they're made for girls. Just vent this out of your system and go talk to your mom before you do something you'll regret later. Don't drop the soap in the showers. Hopefully it's just an awkward phase you're going through and like I said, go talk to your mom about it. She :)s you and she'll understand. She'll help you figure things out. Even if you fly to Sweden and get surgery, you will still be a boy/man. Just try your best to deal with it. Find a girlfriend.

Dani View Profile 04-Oct-02
I think you should tell your mom to buy you some panties instead of other guys undies....or just go to Wal-Mart or Target and buy some panties that are not so obviously panties. I did that once when I was a lot younger with the pad continue that is kinda weird....but to wear panties, just go get your own...PRONTO!
Lea xoX View Profile 02-Oct-02
dude, you're really messed up. stop with the pads and try to put a tampon in. then send a movie.. that would be entertaining.
RoxyDoll View Profile 28-Aug-02
thats funny
Michelle View Profile 24-Aug-02
Are you serious? (different michelle than both of the previous chics: michelles roc!)
michelle 15-Aug-02
hey im a grrl and that is ok to look at the girls bra straps and panties but it is gross that u like 2 wear em!!!!!u need serious help!!!any grrls bras or paties,mom's,  girlfri  ends,fr  iend's,ect.but wearin them is beyond the question!!!

~michelle~a different michelle
Strider 14-Aug-02
Yo man that's totally wrong! It's kewl if you look at girl's panties at school if they're showing, but wearing your mom's, that just F*cked up!!!! The pad thing is extremly F*cked up!!!!!
Lauren View Profile 13-Aug-02
i would hope it was all jokes .
ª¤øø¤ßåb¥ Gù®£¤øø¤ª View Profile 12-Aug-02
wait a minute, this article was all jokes right??? just to get some points and have a laugh to write???
ª¤øø¤ßåb¥ Gù®£¤øø¤ª View Profile 12-Aug-02
guy you majorly need to seek help, i mean your too young to become a transvestite. if your mom only knew!!! do you know how disgusting that is, i mean you wear your moms bra and underwear and than probably put it back in the drawer and than she wears it, imma girl and i don't even wear my moms !!!!!!!. boy trust me periods aren't all that so thank God that you don't have to wear a pad 4 real. my advice is stop doing this weird and get help!!!!
zach View Profile 08-Aug-02
yo r u gay or some Sh*t i look at girls asses then i grab them shoot i dont wear no womens underwear thats gay dawg im out peace
Lauren View Profile 06-Aug-02
(me again from b4)
Ok why would you wanna wear a pad when you DON'T have to?
eww just gross you wear your mom's underwear than she goes and wears them errr how can i put this SICK!/GROSS/D  ISGUSTI  NG?/WEIRD/Ewww umm that about sums up all the things i was thinkin'
buh bye
Michelle View Profile 05-Aug-02
thats kina thats REALLY nasty
why would u want to wear a pad!! trust me if u actually had to u would not want to!! u need to seek help!
_ Zhahira _ View Profile 04-Aug-02
Okay, wearing girls' underwear is understanable (there's lots of transvestites), but a PAD??? That's getting into strange territory... perhaps you're a transgender?
*:Roxy Babe:* View Profile 04-Aug-02
Dude..oh man I don't no where too start, DO YOU LIVE IN THE SOUTH OR SOMETHING? haha. GO SEEK SOME help!
Groovybabe View Profile 03-Aug-02

Thats just plain eeeeeeeeeeew!
You should consider getting proffesional help, i mean imagine u wearing your moms knickers, then she wears them too! Isnt that insane or sick 2 you (maybe not, seeing how u r) YOU NEED help
Malcolm 03-Aug-02
I like looking at girls' underwear too. But don't you think that to wear them is a little way too much??? That's gross!!!
Lauren View Profile 02-Aug-02
it is soooo NOT cool to wear girls underwear if your a guy. I mean i dont see any girls wearing guys underwear i mean boxers are ok but w/e
Jamie 02-Aug-02
I feel like you do. I :) to look at the gilrs panties.... its even cool to wear them but wear your MOMS is just a little too gross to me
Lauren View Profile 01-Aug-02
Weirdo... ok first of all it's just plain weird to wear girls underwear..i can see liking them but it's just grosse that you wear your mom's underwear!. and also arent they a little big on you? ( just wanted to say that) and umm why do you wear her bras to? i mean you don't need one and the same with pads your just plain sick.
well hope you get some help bye
Jason 01-Aug-02
ok, it would be the understatement of the year to say that you are a little on the strange side. it's not so wierd that you wear girls panties, but that you go through your mom's panties and wear them and put a kotex pad in them. i don't even like to see my mom's underwear in the washing machine, much less put them on my body. my advice to you would be to never tell anyone about this for as long as you live and hopefully fix your head.
BrianP View Profile 01-Aug-02
you've got some problems Go see a shrink.
Dude, your weird.. I look a girls panties also, but I have never wanted to wear them or do anything sick like that...You need some help. Something is wrong with you
JEAN View Profile 31-Jul-02
I like looking at girls underwear because it turns me on. But I never wear them or even stare at the girls bras that is sick. I like just looking at the panties and thongs are out of question. You are sick because you actually wear them. Go see a doctor.
steve View Profile 31-Jul-02
dude u got some problems go see a doctor or something

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