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Side or Back Showing of Thongs?
I was just wondering after reading all these other articles - is it sexier to guys if you're just walking around with the sides of your thong showing a little or when you bend down (or just sitting down and the back of you thong shows? I've had a lot of guys say they think my thong is hot when I bend down, but I kind of think when a girl bends down if too much of t he back shows, it's kind of gross. Are all guys little perverts and just get all excited when they see any sign of a thong? I just want to know what guys think. Please help me! Thanks.
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Sarah View Profile 09-Nov-06
i think its trashy to purposely pull ur thong aboove ur pants, but i guess if it shows when u sit its no big deal. like i dont show it on purpose, but it always seems to show when i bend over or sit, o well, its not like most girls dont wear thongs and show them from time to time anyway.
Kyle 19-May-06
all straight guys get horny when they see a women's thong pop out...its just a natural thing. Doesn't mean they're perverts, it's just arousing. Oh and it's definitely more sexy when the back of a thong is showing...
Krystal 12-Jan-06
I have a problem keeping my thong in my pants ....I don't care if it shows when I sit or bend over, but I don't deliberately show my thong above my jeans or anything...
brian 03-Sep-05
na that aint gross its mad hot wen girls thongs stick out and the more it sticks out the better
gary View Profile 25-Apr-05
i like the back when a girl is just walking as long as she doesn't have belly flab hanging over. the side is nice to but not as noticable. and when she sits and shows a little it nice.
Andrew 03-Apr-05
I think that it's pretty hot to see girls wearing thongs. But I agree if you see the whole thing that's jsut gross and then there's no surprises either. Do what you feel comfortable doing. But a little bit peaking out is really sexy, it think.
Jennifer View Profile 17-Mar-05
First off I don't think all guys are pervs for looking when a girl shows her thong. Our society has made such a huge deal about not showing stuff including underwear. Even I get embarrassed in I show sometimes because of the way guys stare. But I don't blame them. In fact in quite the opposite role I was delivering a package to the gym storage area and the boys locker room door was just open enough that I peeked in and saw this totally hot guy dressing. I caught him from the time he had just his boxers on and it was totally hot. So ya I looked too.

I don't wear pants very much. Skirt girl most of the time so when my thong shows its kind of a bigger deal for the guys I think.

Corey 07-Mar-05
I think it is sexier to see a little of both.i lean more to the back side of thongs when you sit down. Hope this helps!
Tom 03-Mar-05
Of course guys think it's sexy to wear a thong. I personally prefer to see it slightly peeking out when a girl sits down.
christine 28-Feb-05
i dont really show my thong on purpose, nor do i care if another girl has hers showing..if thats her thing so be it. but anyway i think guys like seeing girls thongs when they sit because it's "accidental" and its not like they are showing it off by pulling it up. My thong shows sometimes when i sit down, and i do my best to make sure my whole A$$ isnt showing , sumtimes it just happens and u cant help it. and like i said, i wouldnt want to see a girls whole A$$ showing, but if they bend down or sit and a their thong shows a little its not a huge deal. Also when you sit down your lower back isnt covered by your shirt and thats just kind of what happens.....
[b*~]Leah Loves YOU~* View Profile 28-Feb-05
I agree with liz.. i mean.. it makes you look trashy letting your thong hang out.. you dont have to show the whole world what you've got. and when guys see that it makes them think that you're easy.. i mean do you really wanna be known as easy???
Liz 27-Feb-05
would you want a guy seeing your regular underwear? i dont care how hot people might find it... i think that showing your thong is really trashy. like if they see a little bit of like lace peeking over or something then thats ok but i just fidn it gross most of the time
sam View Profile 20-Feb-05
i also very rarely see the side of the thong showing although i do think it is really sexy.however i think the most sexy thing in the world is when a girl bends or sits down and shows her thong it is such a turn on for me and most guys i know
IKnowTheMuffinMan 19-Feb-05
Of course teasing someone with your thong hanging out is going to be thought of as hot, if you aren't overweight (And I don't mean that to offend anyone, but that's the truth). Most girls at my school, if they are purposely showing their thong, show the back side, I dont think I've ever seen anyone showing the sides of their thong.
Andrew View Profile 17-Feb-05
If you want to be a b*tch about not showing your thong to guys, don't even bother to rant about it! Thongs are great! They are only meant for those sexy females, never on a male. Keep showing them off babes!
James 16-Feb-05
Its just a thong. If u like to wear it where guys can see it that is up to you. Wear it however u feel comfortable. I'm a guy and if I see a girl in a thong I think its hot, but I don't have a preference to rather I see the sides or the back. I don't go out of my way to look down a girls pants. If I see it I see it.
Dylan View Profile 16-Feb-05
i say show it if youve got it
shane 16-Feb-05
i think it sexier to have the sides sticking out but the back is ok when u sit down but unless ur pants are baggy i say just the sides for right now

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