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See-through skirts
I am quite a daring out going person and love wearing really short skirts.  I normally wear panties so don't see a problem there.  I have no problems if my panties show and like the attention that I get.  

My friends, guys and gals have been persuading me to wear a see-through skirt.  Do you think this would be a good idea?  I'm brave enough to do it, but it might just be going too far.  Perhaps I should be a little more reserved in my nature?  Perhaps I should not wear such short skirts all the time, and see what they say to that?
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Nicole View Profile 15-Dec-06
Only to a club
Justin View Profile 15-Nov-06
how about this one? http://cgi.eb  Clear-V  inyl-PV  C-FETIS  H-Hot-B  ooty-Se  xy-Skir  t_W0QQi  temZ140  0502860  85QQihZ  004QQca  tegoryZ  15788QQ  ssPageN  ameZWDV  WQQrdZ1  QQcmdZViewItem
It doesn't get much more see-through than that.
NAKED TAMMY View Profile 29-Oct-06
Go for it!!! I do not wear panties and wear very short skirts. I like the idea of a see through skirt. I shave everything so there would not be a dark patch to show under the skirt. As long as it is legal I will try it. Without the panties you would look HOT!!!!
mac 03-Sep-06
depends on what you look like. please post pictures
Jennifer View Profile 21-Jun-06
A party... maybe... a dance club... maybe if it's dark. Any other time I don't think so.

I once wore a white skirt that was tight on my hips and during the day I got totally doused with water as part of a prank. Since the skirt material was very thin it clung to me even more and was 100% see through. I had on a salmon colored thong and it was like I didn't even have the skirt on it was so visible.

My g/f took a picture of me and showed it to me later and I was agast that my thong was so visible. I've worn a see through lace skirt to a dark party once and felt like I was showing everything the whole night long. I'll save that for the boyfriend times.

xXDaRyLeEXx View Profile 25-May-06
this is a bit trashy not to be rude but it is! do you girls hear urselves? where is ur self respect? girls like u will never find :) cuz guys will only be wit u for a "Good" time...that is my opinion though if u want to wear it go ahead but personally i think it is a bit much..if you do wear a see thru skirt do it for ur boyfriend in a private area not in the public where there are children, older people (elders), and religious ppl..have a little respect for others and quit thinking about urself! how many ppl do u think REALLY wanna see that???? u better check urself girl cuz u sound jus like a SLUT! THANKS FOR helpING MEN DEGRADE US WOMEN!!!!!!!
Sarah View Profile 11-Apr-06
Hi Amy, glad you like the links. Yeah the squares have been edited on to hide the nipples. I think it's really cool to show the nipples. Also thinking how neat to wear this dress with a long flowing coat that could be worn undone. That way you could give an occasional flash as the sides of the coat opened up! Handy too if it got a bit too cold.

Glad you like wearing see-through skirts, they are great fun.
amy 10-Apr-06
Hi Sarah, I like both the dress and the skirt that you posted the links to, they're both pretty. This may sound like a dumb question, but with that dress, those white squares aren't really part of the dress, they're just edited onto the picture, right? So when you wear the dress, since you wouldn't be wearing a bra, your nipples show, right? Which I think would look good. As far as whether you should wear short skirts and see-through skirts, I think you should, I really like mine that I wear.
Sarah View Profile 09-Apr-06
These mesh skirts look cool for club wear:

<<  http://  www.odg  /item--  Disco-B  all-Ski  rt--226001-FP.html >>

Sarah View Profile 09-Apr-06
Cassie, thanx for the feedback. I'm planning on wearing it without a bra but with panties. I think it would probably be ok with a bra though. Yes, why don't you treat yourself to one!
Cassie 08-Apr-06
Sarah, I took a look at the dress at, and I :) it! Very cute! I might get it myself. Would you wear it like in the picture, with panties and no bra, or would you also wear I bra? Not sure how I would do it... Thanks for pointing out that site, there's a lot of really clothes on there! As far as your question specifically, go ahead and wear the see-through skirt, I don't see any reason not to. It's a really cool look. Keep my updated if you get anything new!
Samantha View Profile 08-Apr-06
Wow! See-through skirts sound fun!!!! Perhaps I will try wearing one if I can be brave enough. Just started wearing mini skirts and they are really nice, but a see-through skirt would be like so daring, everyone would see my panties.
danielle 02-Apr-06
go a head wear short see through skirts i do
Sarah View Profile 19-Mar-06
Well, I've been searching for a see-through skirt but these see-through dresses caught my eye:
 http://  www.fli  rtyling  m/seamchemdres.html

I'm thinking about getting the black one, but may get both :-)
maya 17-Mar-06
If you ask me, i think short skirts are sexy enough, if you go see through people might just think you're trashy. anyhow if you must wear a see through skirt just make sure you wear underwear underneath and not a thong or else your ass will be on display. oh and just remember not to lose your self respect either.
Mandi View Profile 08-Mar-06
Leave a little to the imagination... please. I work in a "high-traffic" area where I see a lot of people everyday, and I gotta say, some of the things I've seen women wear is beyond ridiculous. Respect yourself enough to keep your body sacred. I'm not saying you can't wear short skirts and what not, but do so tastefully.
Tracy View Profile 08-Mar-06
I don't think I would have the nerve. I like wearing skirts, but see-through would be like so revealing. Good luck anyway!
erin View Profile 08-Mar-06
to a club or something = Great idea, go for it.

More "public" places, maybe just stick with the good ol' micro mini.
Michele 08-Mar-06
Hears P!nk singing "Stuuuppiddd girllll stupid girl..."
Satan Claus 08-Mar-06
Do whatever you want, I'm sure it would be very fun and exciting! Just remember that attracting attention to your body can and probably will get you some attention that you don't want. If you're going to wear it at night clubs be careful, stay around friends. I say this because guess what, people get raped. People always say it won't happen to them - just like car accidents. But seriously, how often do you hear of people saying "oh hey guys I'm gonna get in a car accident today!" You don't because people never want or expect it to happen, its out of their control.

Aside from the ranting, have fun and enjoy yourself =)
do I kNow U? View Profile 07-Mar-06
why not if u have it hide it!?
~*~Crystal~*~ View Profile 07-Mar-06
Hey, i dont think you should wear a see threw skirt. Sure it attracts attention but it attracts the wrong kind of attention. People will think its VERY slutty and they would just want you to give them a piece of ass. Thats wrong, thats not the kind of attention you would want. So maybe you should try to change your real short skirt habits or people are going to start getting the wrong impression of you.
Leann View Profile 07-Mar-06


Dont just out of no where wear a see thru skirt...ppl will think of as a ''slut" but if your friends say so... im sure ppl wont mind
That's my name! View Profile 07-Mar-06
If uve got it girl, flaunt it!!
Sarah View Profile 06-Mar-06
Go ahead wear see through skirt but make sure you wear a full back panties.
Sarah View Profile 06-Mar-06
Well I have decided to give one a go. Just got to find one I like and order it. I shall probably wear it out to a night club and see how it goes. Depends how see-though they are, but if only semi then I will also wear it out in the mall. Maybe even if it's not semi see-through I will wear it out ;-)
Ashley View Profile 06-Mar-06
See through skirts are so cool for turning heads...I say if you havethe body for it and don't mind the "Extra" attention you will most certainly receive...then GO FOR IT...I personally have worn skirts that are semi-see through and they are great ...
Sarah View Profile 05-Mar-06
Oh yes, if I did wear a see-through skirt I would be wearing panties.
Sharpshooter View Profile 04-Mar-06
I donno, I would think as long as you have a pair of panties that hides the whole back your fine, but I don't know if this is such a good idea.

are you doing this at school or where? I ask because that would influence my desicon
Sarah View Profile 04-Mar-06
I know, it's bad of me really, but can't help thinking it would be fun. Still not decided though. Maybe I will just stay with my normal skirts as this is more respectable.
~*~melissa~*~ View Profile 04-Mar-06
thats definately trashy i dont think its a good idea, but thats my opinion. i understand u like the attention u get just becareful on what kind of attenion it is
Ian View Profile 04-Mar-06
Up to you - Whatever you feel comfortable with!
Jane 04-Mar-06
My grandma once told me that I can flaunt it if I want to, while I'm still young.

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