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Should I Let My Girlfriend Put Her Skirt On Me?
Here's my dilemma. My girlfriend has stated that she thinks it would be very sexy and fun to see me wear some panties and a skirt, and that she would show me how much fun it could be, if I would go out shopping to get something that would fit me. I am very reluctant to do this on the one hand, but on the other, I do find the idea somewhat stimulating. I'm not sure if I should give in to her or not, but I don't want to disappoint her and have it mess up our relationship. I'm afraid that doing this with her might lead to other things that would be very embarrassing for me. What does everyone else think I should do about her request?
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Jessika View Profile 23-Jan-08
kids these days.

whatever floats ur boat dawg.
blake 29-Jul-07
take this opertunity some day you'll want to wear a skirt and panties trust me. don't spend too much money and don't wear the skirt in public
nicholas View Profile 13-Jun-07
go for it heck you might like it
ra View Profile 27-Apr-07
Don't stress over something that has teh potental to be something run that you enjoy. Just enjoy it. My ex got me interested in skirts and today I have 6 jeans skirts some as short as 6 inches.. They are so comfy.. Nop one will care.. wear what you want and enjoy being comfortable. Oh, whatever you do make sure you do NOT forget to put panties on under y opur skirt if you go outside... I did that once and caught myself when i was getting in the car to go to the store.. I had to run in and get panties to cover my package. One nice thing was that I did not have to take my skirt off to put my panties on... :-)
Katie View Profile 04-Feb-07
That seems somewhat strange, I'm kind of against the guys wearing skirts, but to each their own. In retaliation, you should make her dress in your baggy clothes. Just a thought.
Brenda 31-Jan-07
So ? ... did you ever wear her skirts and panties ? ... what style of skirts ? Tell us what happened !
NAKED TAMMY View Profile 26-Jan-07
I think you should read "Girls forcing guys to wear skirts" from the section below. I made several comments.
Tyler 15-Jan-07
Do it, it's great.
robbie View Profile 14-Jan-07
I'd LOVE to have a girl friend who'd dress me in her clothes!!
Mindi 14-Jan-07
Go for it.
Stevie View Profile 13-Jan-07
I say go for it. Sounds fun. You never know you may enjoy it.
jane 11-Jan-07
You should wear her skirts, i have made my boy friend wear a skirt, but with a twist. when he walks in from work i say put this on and chose how long he stays in it. He came up with he idea to put both legs in to one leg of a pair of strecthie trousers, then you are mot wearing a skirt, ist hard to walkin but this makes it more fun. you can make 2o ti
tight skirts out of 1 pair of trousers, you both can wear them together. make it your thing. in my life i hace never worn trousers only skirts.. let me know how it goes
Jennifer View Profile 10-Jan-07
Why not... I mean just keep it at home and so what if she tells and stuff. Watch out for a camera though. But go ahead and have fun.

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