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Wearing my mom's and sister's clothes?
Hi, I'm a 14 year old guy and was wondering what all of you out there thought about me wearing my mom's and sister's, she's 8 by the way, clothes. I only do it in secret though. I would hate for them to find out. So, just about every night or so, so that I can try on some of their clothes.

I wear all of their clothes. My sister's panties, even if she's 8 and I'm 14, they fit me well. I especially love to wear my mom's clothes because they tend to fit me better. In fact right now, I'm wearing some of her purple victoria's secret panties, and a bra, that has some kind of lace design, and is white. Whenever both are gone I have worn everything possible. I put on some victoria's secret panties first, then a bra, and tighten it up so that it fits well. Then after that I will put on some pantyhose, color depends on what kind of skirt or dress I will wear, after that I go to choose whether it will be blouse and skirt, or dress. I then put those on, and do my best to put on makeup, and I put on some high heels, which feel great, and I will then go outside for a walk.

It feels awesome, I especially love the feel of the panties, bra, and pantyhose. I of course love the blouse, skirt, and dress, but the underwear is the best!

So, please tell me all what you think. I love to do it, but I still want to know the opinion of some of you out there, especially some girls please.
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Timmy 04-Mar-12
I'm 14 too. Lately I have been dressing up in my mothers thongs cause I felt good in them. Then I started wearing her bras and pantys. Now I'm wearing all her clothes, they don't fit me well but I make do with what I can do. I can't buy womens clothes cause I feel embarrassed to do so. I also whant my mother to see me dressing in her clothes so I don't have to tell her. Can anyone give me some advise on what to do?
Bob 11-Jun-09
PLEASE do NOT wear your mom's and sisters panties and is unsanitary. If you want some, just go and buy some. Nothing wrong with that. I buy my own. I usually buy them at Wal-Mart...cheaper. It's nice when you can get matching panties and bras. If you don't have the money for it, just tell your mom when you go shopping next time that you want to wear bras and panties and if she could buy you some. If things go your way, she might even take you out dress shopping. Some good places for dresses are Dillards and Debs. I LOVE the prom dresses and gowns at Debs..and sometimes they go on sale for $20-$40. You could have a whole new wardrobe without stealing your sisters & moms clothing.

Good luck.
frances 23-Mar-09
casey if u want ur mom to see take some of her clothes when shes not home and keep them in ur room and wait til she gets home and go put them on and then come back outta ur room. this is similar to how my mom found out but i didnt intenianally do it and it wasnt her clothes they were mine. but i went to bed in my panties, bra, pj pants,a matching pj shirt(they were girly pink silky pj's) and it was the middle of the weeek during the summer so i figured my mom had gone to work but i soon found out she stayed home sick. her reaction was what r u wearing and all i could say was girls clothes then she made me take off my bottoms and she then saw my silky pink thong and then she said i really dont wanna do this and she then made me take off my top and she then saw my matching bra and the next part was unexpected she came up me and like grabbed the arm strap on my bra pulled me close using it and the next thing i knew we were making out and eventually having sex but now its a regular thing for us and she pays for my clothes now
joan 30-Aug-08
Hi gurls. This is absolutely fascinating that there are others that :) to dress up in their mom's clothes. I began my delight at 5 when I discovered my mommy's lingerie chest filled with 6 drawers of bikini, brief, thong and tap pants nylon/lace/silk panties. I would wear a different pair every day--taking my treasures along with a cataloge into the bathroom spending up to an hour modeling (and stroking myself) them as I looked at the lingerie section of the catalogue. I often took an encyclopedia along telling mom I was reading. I was in heaven fantasizing I was a woman along with mom and attractive neighbor ladies--in our "girls club". Well as I progressed and aged I was no longer satisfied with just the panties--I graduated into her bras, garter belts, nighties, night gowns, wigs and makeup. I would dress in a sexy combination and mimic her--sashaying around the house smoking one of her Virginia Slims. It was so fun as I paraded in front of the living room widow hoping a neighbor lady would catch me.
grant View Profile 23-Mar-08
i used to wear my sisters panties but now i have my own, most of them are from walmart because its easy for me to get them, il i have to do is wear a coat or a pair of jeans with alout of pockets, then i just tell my mom im going to the electronics then go the the underwear isle and buy them then go to the electronics, today i was lucky and i was going to the movies with my friends and i got there 15 minutes before my friends so i went to the mall it was conected too and i bought a pair of panties from jc pennies and a thong from the vanity, sadly the closest victoria secret is like an hour away
casey 17-Nov-07
I've worn my moms panties and other various lingerie for 7 years now. I think she might now I do it, she's found her thongs and stuff in my room but i've played it off. Thing is, I really want her to find me in her clothes. All dressed up, and I want her to do my makeup and stuff. I just really enjoy feeling sexy. And I like looking at my butt in her thongs, it looks way cuter than just a set of boxers. I also feel a strong sexual attraction to my mother, and i think it might be because i wear her panties. I wish i had a sister too. sometimes my moms stuff just isn't sexy enough for me!

i have a fantasy about going out and being an entire slutty outfit and putting it on and strutting around my mothers room until she gets home, and then i want her to put on something sexy, and then i wanna do a strip tease for her, as a woman.
Max 27-Aug-07
I'll tell you that your lucky you have a little sister and a mother whos clothes fit. Growing up I spent a vast majority of my time trying to find womens clothes that fit me. Eventually, when i got into my teens I was thankful that my girlfriends were a similar size. One even :)d to dress me up in her formal gowns and apply makeup. It was so great, i miss those days alot.

Now I have to hide it. After I dropped out of college and had to move home due to a death in the family, I find i cant let my family know im more comfortable in womens clothing than mens. So I have to lead a double life.

My best advice to you is to tell your mother you want to try dressing in womens underwear first, and see how well she takes it. If she goes ballistic, tell her it was a dare or tell her the truth that you WANT to do this. Either way, get her started down the path of knowing you like womens clothing.
Laura 22-Aug-07
To the girls that say no to wearing sister and moms underwear forget it. I wear my 15 year old sister panties and cum in the crotch and put them back in her drawer.
Laura 22-Aug-07
Well do yo get sexually aroused by the silky panties. Do you orgasm into them. How about a silky slip,,that will feel even better against your panties. I like to do this and it feels wonderful. I will wear sheer silky panties, a garter belt and stockings, a satin slip, a polyester dress that is very silky and high heels. Full makeup and go out this way. I like to go into girls dressing rooms and try on lingerie and dresses and have fun while I am doing it. Or go to a girls restroom and sit in a stall knowing a girl is in the next one.
Freya 03-Aug-07
I crossdress too so i understand but you need to get your own clothes so you arent messing with your mom and sisters.
blake 30-Jul-07
cool man i do it too
Robert 28-Jul-07
Tyler, I think it's cool you wear your moms and sister's clothes. I am small for my age and I can fit into my older sister's clothes from when she was around 8 or 9 too. I like to try on her old dresses and skirts when she was 8 or 9. My sister knows I like to do cheerleading with her and has let wear her old cheerleading uniforms. My mom knows I wear my sister's old cheer uniforms and she is cool with it. I am even thinking about joinning a cheerleading camp to be on a girls cheerleading team.
Mike 16-Apr-07
nicholas? what did your mother buy for you? you are very lucky!! Tyler? you have the beginings of a good thing going here especially if your sister is cool with it. Does she also let you use her bras and panties? You are indeed lucky and I am envious. I also :) Mudd and LEI girls jeans. If you have a chance, ask your sister if she has any Angels Jeans. They are the best and are sooo very soft , comfortable and tight in all thre right places... tell us more about what you like to sdress up in...
nicholas View Profile 07-Apr-07
same as robbie said but i went against my parents and baught some actualy my mom baught it for me my dad hated it but i did the same thing for quite a while
XRaggedyAnnX View Profile 29-Mar-07
I believe you should tell your mom. There are a lot of guys who crossdress and maybe your wouldn't feel so bad if you didn't have to hide it. And then you should buy your own clothes.
Nikky 18-Mar-07
Ummmm.......Dude thats weird but then again kinda cute!!!! The whole dresses heels and makeup thing is cute but not the whole underware and bra thing! I hope u at least wash them afterwords! Other than that i think its cute but i dont know about the other girls!
mikayla View Profile 24-Feb-07
oh goddd!
dont wear their underwear and bras!
thats just wrong.
get your own if you must.
if my brother ever did that i would be *#!ed.
robbie View Profile 18-Feb-07
Too bad you can't get your own dresses and girly things. But i understand your situation. I'm in the same situation. Good luck to you
lora 17-Feb-07
One day you’re going to have to tell your mum what you are doing... unless you want her to find out and start asking questions. Alot of guys at the age you’re at, do things from wearing there mums clothes to reading girls magazines and putting make up on. Basically it’s a perfectly normal way of discovering your sexuality. But like I said before it would be best you told your mum. Good look, xxx.
Alex View Profile 14-Feb-07
So what if he is a crossdresser.
Courtney View Profile 21-Jan-07
I would have to say -- If one of my brothers EVER did that I would kill them .. I mean wearing their skirts and blouses is one thing .. But wearing thier underwear?!?!?! You gotta be kidding me .. That's just rude .. If you really like wearing woman's underwear and bras .. go out and buy your own. Don't wear theirs.
Verummba View Profile 20-Jan-07
Wow, you fit in your little sister's clothes? You (and your mother) must be tiny! Cute!

I say, if the skirt fits, wear it. But, out of courtesy (and style), you might want to try buying some of your own. If you don't want to spend too much, thrift stores usually have nice stuff at very low prices!
K.K. View Profile 20-Jan-07
go ahead and be comfterable
Stevie View Profile 19-Jan-07
I agree. Do what you like but get your own clothes.
Mindi 19-Jan-07
I agree. No to the underwear, but go ahead with everything else.
Jessica View Profile 19-Jan-07
All you guys stop STEALING panties from family members. Wearing their underwear is wrong!

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